Webfairy Tribute

Tribute to the Webfairy, aka Rosalee Grable, 9/11 researcher, clear thinker and first person to notice there is a lack of evidence for an airplane in the Naudet Video of the alleged Flt. 11 "hit" to the North Side of the North Trade Tower.

Alleged First "Hit" by Jules Naudet

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Meet Edna Cintron: She Was There.

Edna stood waving for rescue in the North Tower plane shape hole for at least 20 minutes.

Her picture is in the NIST reports, waving to us that their tales of thousand degree heat from jet fuel is a lie.

There is effort afoot to deny her reality and her valor, from monsters who believe only in the banal and the mundane.

Edna Cintron doesn't fit their script.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Webfairy Against the Anti-Jewish Shills

Holmgren got taken over by Rowan Berkley and a Tavistock op.

His hate of Judy Wood became so overwhelming that anybody not willing to run her off the web was a "spook." I am still brokenhearted about it.
It was wierd having Holmgren sticking up for somebody who was claiming there had been enough research, and that "Singularity Was Hangoutable" so our work would have to be vetted and judged by someone with "Objective REality".

It turned out that Holmgren didn't even know why I named his coffinbuddy "Napoleon Jackbootie" which would have been evident from the strutting and order giving and attempted imposition of a Top-down "Ideology."
It was also shocking how many people just wanted a dogma to chant at any cost.

I did not want to chant their dogma.

We had just nailed down the fact they were using near entire animations, and that the event was being produced out of the NGO and the Joint military.

Holmgren had already been drawing away for months. He reported several times of being zapped with something that would paralyze him if he didn't get out of the way first.
Coffinman claimed to have been taken offline when his motherboard blew, but he had no trouble posting 24/7 once he had the split between me and Holmgren going.

It was wierd that Gerard Holmgren, who's family was still traumatized by losing a branch to the Halocaust, would wind up in league with Antisemites Coffinman and Rowan Berkeley.

Judy Wood's work is still right on target and paying attention to the mechanisms they used then can save other places from suffering the same fate.
Both bridges that were poofed, one by an invisable gasoline truck that completely disappeared even though the asphalt didn't melt, and the one that had 4 pillers fail from pigeon poop all at the same time were really poofed by the same forces used on 911.

Both these bridges were along the Nafta Superhighway, and both had the support pillers for the replacement bridges already under construction, which should be a clue except that covering up for the Joint Military seems to be a preoccupation among Antisemites.

Coffinman's dogma would take us as far as Wescam Helicopters taking real footage of real events with planes inserted. If I want to be mean I can say "Gerard HOlmgren Supports Ace Baker".
Once HOlmgren traded in his socratic style logic for Coffinman's logic by association, and wrapped himself in Coffin brand dogma like it was some flag, and then poofed in a cloud of his own anger.

I am an Agent of the Goddess,
Who provides everything I OUGHT to want, and all I really need
I live in the presence of Special Blessings
and Miracles
As long as I keep the three commandments for myself.

The smoke clouds were moving and changing the play of light and shadows around Edna. During the at least 20 minutes she stood waving for help at the edge of the world the fires above her died down significantly, which also changed the shadow patterns surrounding Edna Cintron's perch.

Using the passage of time as a proof of "fake" shows how low they will go to blur the distinction between cartoon and real.
The fake planes of 911 are really crude cartoons, and at the same time we are supposed to believe there were perfectly rendered shadows left behind as a "joke".

Edna Cintron is waving trom the pictures in the NIST report, telling anybody who will listen that the stories of thousand degree heat are absolutely bogus, because the plane shape hole was the coolest and safest place in the vicinity.
This is so because what caused that hole was air-fuel bombs that sucked out all the oxygen into the fireball, so no fire could alight there.

Edna is still waving from the NIST report, unnoticed and unknown til years later when she was noticed in some filler footage from some documentary.

None of the video footage of Edna is more than a couple of seconds. She was so tiny and would only be caught as the camera swept across the scene and kept going.
The hole footage is educational in itself.
Why is there a laser-weapon swath cut across the building clear to the corner?
Obviously it was placed there to keep the illusion of "plane wings", but it isn't like they tell us they've got this stuff.

I am Discordian, and hanging out with Eris the Goddess of Chaos, a proudly imaginary arbitrary logical thought form who represents the Aether and the math of Fractals, Quality in the terms of Phaedras in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenence. The Great Neutral Force, the Prime Constant, the energy force muzzled into destructive uses by the Joint Military which we are not supposed to believe exists because the notion of a fundamental solid vibrating faster than the speed of light as the firmament surrounding us has been surpressed for a real long time.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

"Goldfinger" Slo-Mo

Plus "Goldfinger" Slo-Mo