Tribute to the Webfairy, aka Rosalee Grable, 9/11 researcher, clear thinker and first person to notice there is a lack of evidence for an airplane in the Naudet Video of the alleged Flt. 11 "hit" to the North Side of the North Trade Tower.

Alleged First "Hit" by Jules Naudet

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Meet Edna Cintron: She Was There.

Edna stood waving for rescue in the North Tower plane shape hole for at least 20 minutes.

Her picture is in the NIST reports, waving to us that their tales of thousand degree heat from jet fuel is a lie.

There is effort afoot to deny her reality and her valor, from monsters who believe only in the banal and the mundane.

Edna Cintron doesn't fit their script.